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It’s not abnormal to feel tired every now and again. But if your fatigue is so debilitating that it keeps you from your daily activities, then you may have a more serious problem. Functional medicine specialist James Stalker, DC, at East Bay Wellness in San Ramon, California, specializes in the management of fatigue and can help you feel more like your usual self. For a consultation, call the office today or request an appointment online.

Fatigue Q & A

What is fatigue?

If you don’t feel refreshed after a full night of rest, then you may suffer from fatigue. In addition to feeling tired beyond belief, your fatigue may also lead to:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Slow response time
  • Muscle achiness

These symptoms are disruptive to your life, especially if they’re ongoing. Dr. Stalker is a functional medicine specialist who looks for the root cause of a symptom so you get the full resolution of your symptom and an improvement in health.

What causes fatigue?

You may feel extreme fatigue for a number of reasons. Common causes include:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Stress
  • Allergies
  • Illness or infection
  • Medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Drinking too many caffeinated beverages
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Too much alcohol

Certain foods also lead to fatigue, specifically those linked to inflammation, such as sugar, refined carbohydrates, and highly processed foods.

Food sensitivities are also a common cause of fatigue and more common than you may realize. In addition to zapping your energy, food sensitivities may be responsible for your inability to lose weight or cause symptoms such as headaches and digestive distress.

Dr. Stalker offers food-sensitivity testing to determine if what you eat is responsible for your fatigue. A simple finger prick test assesses your sensitivity to 96 foods, and Dr. Stalker has the results within 10 days of your test.

What treatment can improve my fatigue?

Treatment for your fatigue depends on the underlying cause. Dr. Stalker develops a personalized treatment plan aimed at addressing the underlying cause so you get full relief of your symptoms.

If you have food sensitivities, Dr. Stalker creates a food plan that omits the offending foods from your diet and includes anti-inflammatory foods to help improve health and energy levels. His food plan supports your body’s natural detoxifying powers to help rid your body of toxic substances.

Dr. Stalker also specializes in allergy management. If allergies are responsible for your fatigue, he conducts advanced allergy therapeutics (AAT) to help minimize your symptoms.

Fatigue can disrupt your everyday life. To find answers to your health questions and concerns, call East Bay Wellness today or request an appointment online.