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East Bay Wellness is Not Your Average Program!


Are you ready to let a new you shine through? East Bay Weight Loss is a 60-day diet and weight loss program in California.
We can assist clients (just like you) with their weight loss goals. Through a customized plan, which includes diet analysis and one-on-one coaching, you can reach your ideal weight in no time.
If you're ready to go ahead and get started, contact East Bay Wellness right now!


Finding the root of your dietary issues

East Bay Weight Loss focuses on finding the root of your weight problems by analyzing your diet. We will take the time to:

• Conduct a simple blood test to check for food sensitivities (to gluten, dairy, etc.)
• Evaluate your body type, your current diet and other elements
• Create a custom diet plan around the information to reach desired results - fast!

Shortly after, you'll slowly begin the core elements of the plan. Throughout this 60-day program, you'll have a food log, recipe book and a progress journal to help you stay focused on staying fit.


Losing weight doesn't mean losing comfort

Oftentimes, it takes a lot for us to change our ways - especially when it comes to our diet! Break out of your dietary habits by turning to East Bay Wellness. By developing a custom weight loss plan with us, reaching your goals has never been easier!

Find out what foods aren't compatible with your body, eliminate them and start on a fresh, new track toward a new you. Get started with a doctor-supervised weight loss program today - your initial consultation is free!

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