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What Is The East Bay Wellness Weight Loss System™ And How Does It Work?

The East Bay Wellness Weight Loss System is a doctor designed protocol that has its foundation in Food Sensitivity Testing. It is an extremely clean protocol & very detoxifying. Not only do patients lose weight, but they also feel better, feel cleaner, feel less inflamed and are more energized throughout the system.


How Does The Food Sensitivity Testing Work?

The Food Sensitivity Test is a very easy to perform test done through our clinic or through your own lab if you are far away from our clinic. It is a simple finger prick test which is very similar to how diabetics check their own blood sugar on a regular basis. If you are unable to visit our clinic, then a brief phone consultation with the doctor will be set up so that the collection process is a success. Within 7-10 days the results will come to our clinic and we'll do a report of findings and let you know what foods you're severely intolerant to etc. From their we'll customize your food list and choose only foods YOUR body is comfortable with. This is when the miracles start to happen!


Is The East Bay Wellness Weight Loss System™ Safe?

100% all natural and completely safe! Remember, we are getting back to the way we were designed and created to eat in the first place. The products and supplements we use with the protocol are pharmaceutical grade & from a highly regulated FDA facility. In fact, 2 of our products have patents on them for their controlled release technology.


How Much Can I Expect To Lose?

It really depends on a variety of different factors. What we've seen in our clinic is age does play a role. Younger people tend to lose weight a little quicker than older people. It also depends on how closely you follow the system. On average, we generally see 3-5 pounds* per week if you follow it closely.


Do I Have To Eat Pre-Packaged Foods?

No! Our belief is that pre-packaged stuff is short lived. Do you really see yourself eating pre-packaged foods for the rest of your life? It's just too short-term. Our goal is to get you eating real food. Planning and preparing your meals. Long-term, healthy choices and healthy habits that you can pass down to your kids so they can grow up healthy!


Do I Have To Swallow A Lot Of Pills?

No! There are some protocols out there that will have you swallowing 20-25 pills per day. Again, we think that is a short lived approach and nobody is going to continue with that type of regimen year after year.


What If I Have Thyroid Problems?

No problem! We've had hundreds of patient with low thyroid do just fine on our program. There are no contraindications between our systems, protocols and products and your thyroid meds.


What If I Have Diabetes?

Again, completely fine. In fact, one foundational principle of our program is that we keep the foods moderate to low glycemic index. In other words, you're not going to see carrots and corn on the list because they spike the blood sugar. Our goal is to keep your blood sugar level under control.


I'm On 15 Different Medications; Will Your Program Still Work?

Yes, however, the results may be a little slower due to excess toxins being consumed. We've had several patients who were on cholesterol meds, high blood pressure meds etc...and once they lost the weight, they no longer needed their medications. Now, we didn't put you on the meds...we can't take you off...that is between you are your medical doctor, but we do know when you take the weight off, your body will begin to FUNCTION better!


Is There Anybody Who Should NOT Do Your Program?

We don't believe there is anybody who wouldn't benefit from following the East Bay Wellness Weight Loss System™. It just makes sense for a variety of different reasons. It's cleansing & detoxifying. It's an anti-inflammatory diet which is what Americans severely need. It adds nutrient-dense foods and vital supplements. It also allows you to get your weight under control if that is your goal. It's just the way we were designed and created to eat in the first place.


Do I Have To Eat All Organic?

No, however, we've found the more organic the better your results will be. The more organic the less hormones, antibiotics and bug spray on / in your foods (i.e. less toxins).


Will I Be Hungry?

No! You can eat as much as you want as long as you're choosing from YOUR acceptable foods list! This is NOT a calorie restrictive approach! This is a clean, detoxifying life transformation...not a quick fad.

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